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Income Replacement

Home based Business Disability Income Protection

Home-based business owners face the same risk of disabling illness and/or accidents as a corporate employee. As with all wage-earners, the home-based business owner is dependent on his or her income to pay bills and support their family. The home-based entrepreneur has no DI coverage through a corporation. In most most cases, group DI is not available to the home-based business. Click on the The Berkshire Web page below to get more information.

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Retirement Protection Plus

Retirement Protection Plus Disability Protection for Retirement Plan Contributions. You care about maintains your quality of life in the future, so you're worked hard to set aside money for your retirement. Of course, that future depends heavily on your being able to make regular retirement plan contributions because you'll need a sizable nest egg to ensure your comfort and security. And as long as things continue the way you've planned, you can look forward confidently to a happy, prosperous retirement. The problem is, sometimes the unexpected happens, For example, an accident or sickness can upset your long-term planning overnight-because if you become sick or hurt and can't work for an extended period, you can also no longer contribute to your retirement plan. That's why it's important to put a fallback plan in place well before you ever need it. Retirement Protection Plus (RRP) is not a pension plan. Rather, it is a unique program using disability income insurance to ensure that your retirement plan contributions continue to be made-even if you become disabled. The goal: to provide you with close to what you could have expected form your retirement plan if you had not become disabled.

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